William Eadon

New York
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Where did you grow up?
A very, very small town in Ohio.

Where did you live?
I live in Brooklyn, NY in Williamsburg. It’s sort of like a playground.

What is your personal soundtrack at the moment?
I’m going through a silent phase right now. It’ll subside. I have been shaking to “farewell” by Ayshea

Your star sign?
Virgo. Not a typical Virgo, I had always suspected as any readings never really made sense to me. I just had my charts done, and apparently very scorpio and gemini heavy lotta 8th house stuff which makes me an atypical Virgoan. yeah, whatever. I am still a virgin though,.. does that count? I really believe in saving myself for that one very special person. Almost had ya there for a second. I lied. I’m not really a virgin. I do rescue maidens, and slay dragons though. Damsels in distress is one of my specialties and rock gardening. Mainly the distress part. You see, I leave them in distress. or, once i’ve left they are in distress? it’s open to individual interpretation. And I digress.

Who is your style icon? I like looking at children. They have style. Style always comes from within.What do you do or what would you like to do when you grow up?
All grown up, just not done growing or doing. Are we ever? I wanna laugh till it hurts.