Lucy and Natalie Gudgeon

Brooklyn, NY
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The Sisters Gudeon

Where did you grow up? Natalie: First born in Wisbech Cambridgeshire, then a long stretch in South London, then a little more growing in Scotland, then a bit in south London again, then I grew up abroad a few times, then I grew a little more in Suffolk, south east England, then I think I finally stopped growing in Waterloo. But in a good way.Lucy:
South London.

Where do you live?
Natalie and Lucy
Waterloo, London.

What is your personal soundtrack at the moment?
Lee hazlewood and Nancy Sinantra- Summer Wine and Some Velvet morning. I have always listened to the same music

Janelle monaé – The ArchAndroid

Your star sign?


Who is your style icon?
Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Class, intelligence, style. I think if we all chose class people as icons instead of looser’s with nice legs we would all be cooler and less flimsy in general. Style shows from the inside. People had true style in them days because they understood the power of sophistication and the advantage of intelligence and true talent. They weren’t afraid to be grown up because it was cool to be grown up and uncool to be immature. People today are just like “arrh look at my bum, I can’t remember what happened yesterday whoop whoop smily face :0!”.
No style.

Tank Girl

What do you do and what would you like to do when you grow up?
I am a grown up and I have a bar with my man in Kennington, south London. When we are not there we are drinking under the sun. I hope to be an excellent mother and wife, and I plan to work hard and eventually live in a wooden house with lots of light and activity where family and friends can visit. There will be an aeroplane and a few classic cars in a workshop, a few cats and dogs, a drinks counter and a good record player. Funnily enough, I would also like my parents to live with us when they are old.

However extravagant my plans, they are straight-forward to make sure they happen. Which they will. They will. They will.

Iam a singer. I want to be that too.

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