Lili Perez

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What do you do?
I’m a Photographer

Top 5 songs?
Duffle bag boy by playaz circle
Nothing Compares by Sinead O’Connor
Guantanamera by Celia Cruz
Juicy by Notorious B.I.G
Hold Yuh by gyptian

Top 5 beauty products?
I try to keep it light but I will throw on: Benefit bronzer/highlighter
Mary Kay black eyeliner
Wet n Wild natural wear lip shimmer
For body; Expeller-Pressed coconut oil
Hair: surf spray

Beauty tips passed down to you?
Keep eyebrows natural
Use olive oil for your lashes

Your beauty role model?
My Grandmother

One product you can’t live without?
B triple C facial balancing gel by Aesop

Any links of yourself or people things you wanna big up?

My tumblr:


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