Joe Falcone

Brooklyn, NY
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Where did you grow up? Rockaway beach NY

Where do you live? I actually moved into an apartment  about 4 miles away in the Coney Island area with my girl in order to make commuting to work a bit easier for the both of us. I still spend a considerable amount of time in Rockaway making boards though. That alone brings me back several times a week.

Your star sign? Taurus

Your personal sound track at the Moment? I depends on my mood. I bounce around way too much to say that definitively but I listened to 2 albums on repeat this week. Robert Lester Folsom’s “Ode to a Rainy Day” and Madvillain’s “Madvillainy”

Who is you style icon? I dig vibes and energy more than clothing. I’ve met really cool people that have a terrible sense of style, and others with a great sense of personal style who were painful to be around. My style icons are the people who’s personality really goes beyond the fancy layer of fabric that some folks get hung up on.

What would you like to do when you grow up? Make surfboards, drink beer, eat food, I’ve basically got it figured out just waiting to grow up.