Isaac Nichols

Brooklyn, NY
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Where did you grow up?
Arundel, Maine. That and contoocook, NH.

Where do you live?
Dude, we’re neighbors!
I know sorry.

Who is your style icon?
Sam Buffa + all of the fellows, Kursten Bracchi and my Italians (Joe dinardo, Alex Decarli, Dennis sipina, and Jon Camissa + Jess) (Homer, Miguel are you guys italian?). my amazing partner Mandisa Rae Wright. The whole LaSuperior staff, (Evan, Santiago, Eva, Martha, Philipé and Adam) Brooke Little, Meriem Bennani, Willa Nasitar, Lessa Millet, and AMY BUTCHKO! My favorite steam punks, Dan Morris, Luke & Innis. Jojo + sebby & Jorge., Alex Decarli again, my little sister HANNAH KAZIA RIFKA CATHRINE JANE who’s style is far more advanced + her friends Emma Allen and J. Hanze… THE COOPER UNION, Jude and Rebecca, the Glasseri girls, Sarah, Sara and Sara, knob & tube, All of the Judd’s, Black Daniels, Viola Yeseltac, Sherae Rimpsey, the Dufala boys, parts of philadelphia, Halloween, Lower East Sean, Andy Rifkin and the one and only RON CASTELLANO.

What do you do or what would you like to do when you grow up?
Kurt Vonnegut said we were put here to tinker. I’ve sort of built my life around that. I’m looking forward to building a house for myself, one that rambles and rests well.

What would you like to leave behind?
New york Citi .

Also any links you would like to add? to yours or friends sites or stuff you think is cool.
So I opened a small ceramics studio a few months ago. I have an amazing crew over there that are making new things relentlessly.

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