Emma Allen

Springs, Long Island, New York
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Where did you grow up?
I was born in South Carolina and was raised in a rural area there until I was 14, when I moved to western North Carolina.

Where do you live?
On the bayside of East Hampton in Springs, in Brooklyn and in North Carolina :)

Tell us a bit about Everyday Oil
Everyday Oil is a unisex, organic oil for your face, body and hair (everywhere).   A very multi-functional moisturizer for the whole body and whole family, made from organic cold-pressed plant oils and steam-distilled essential oils.

Who is your style icon? 
That is a hard one.  I idolize people that are comfortable, in their skin and in their clothes.  I like how kids and old people seem to be able to wear things unselfconsciously and without pretense. I think people look really good when they feel good and free, and I’m interested in people and things that do that.

What’s your personal soundtrack?
For a good playlist I go to Chances with Wolves, who are awesome people and their stuff is always unexpected.  They never play the same thing twice.  I play the Spotify Discover Weekly playlist a lot and I wish I could listen to other people’s Discover Weekly too – Spotify should do that. I really love a person who can play me good music and things I can dance to.  I’m in need of a really good running mix.  Someone help!

What does style mean to you?
To me it means functional objects that make me feel good, maybe even inspired.

Three items of clothing you could not live without?
A good pair of jeans, LLBean shearling slippers, and the shirts I’m making for Spring :)

Favorite food/ restaurant? 
I love so many things!  In Brooklyn Mogador, Samurai Mama and Bunker are some of my most favorites.

What would you like to do when you grow up?
Be free!

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