Dino Matt and Maya Rose

Portland, OR
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Where did you grow up? Arizona

Where do you live? Portland, OR

Your star sign? M: Gemini

Your personal sound track at the moment? D: lots of jazz at home. we try to see our friends bands as much as possible, Woolen Men, Lithics, AS/SS (Alex Smith and Sean Sumler), Golden Retriever, Aboriginal Flowers.
a heavy dose of radio shows- Melted Radio, Strange Babes, Galaxy My Dear on Xrayfm. Avant Ghetto on Wfmu. Chances with wolves.
A lot of noisy stuff while I’m in the studio… this ‘popular mechanics vol-1’ tape by Votel, Canty & Shipton I got recently is pretty great.
M. Arthur Russell as a constant, Cat Mummies at the Louvre, Dragging an Ox Through Water, Marisa Anderson, Grouper, Nina Simone, John Fahey, all of the Mississippi Records tapes, Eggy Tapes.

Who is your style icon? M: We are both heavily influenced by the idea of a personal way of dressing, that develops with time and is self-informed. I’m partial to well made, easy pieces… natural materials, simple shapes, beautiful textiles.
D: I draw a lot of inspiration from objects in our house and the shop. My favorite clothes are those that tell a story, with wear, fading, or mending. Most of what I wear stems from the idea of functionality, durability and color.

What would you like to do when you grow up?
D: More of the same, I’m interested to see how LOWELL will continue to evolve, and taking more time to pursue my own art practice/gallery shows.
M. I hope to continue to keep what I do and what I love intertwined.

our shop is focused on an in-person experience, stop by soon!