Chelsea Parrett

Portland, OR
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Where did you grow up? Born in California, but my parents moved us to a rural area outside of Salem, OR when I was 10.
I’m so thankful that they chose a slower paced lifestyle. There, my little brother and I had several acres of forest and farm land to explore as opposed the SO-CAL concrete landscape we came from.

Where do you live? Portlandia, as they call it.

Your star sign? TAURUS – aries cusp. (insert bull horns here…)

Your personal soundtrack of the moment? TBH, anything on my hype machine playlist. I’m more of a song person, but you can expect a mix of synth-y electronic, heavy beats, and beach-y sound waves. (giraffage, tycho, flume, odesza, etc.)

Who is your style icon? My Grandmother. I refer to her as Grandy, she passed away 2.5 years ago and I inherited her insane, kooky, adventurous and shockingly relevant closet. It was wild when we were going through her belongings because I somehow fit perfectly into everything she owned, right down to her hand sewn wedding dress from the 1950’s. I’ve incorporated her wardrobe into my daily life, and it’s been an honor to experience and learn more about her everyday through the clothing she identified with. Having that gift has influenced a lot of who I am, and how I feel about clothing on an emotional level. I’ve been using a hashtag to document it, and hopefully I’d like to do more with the documentation someday…
You can check it out here : #thingsmygrandywore

What do you want to do when you grow up? I’m really just looking to be confident. Not just in my skills, but in who I chose to spend my time with, the team I work with, and having a goal I’m stoked on.
I’ve given up the idea that my work/career shouldn’t define me, because I know myself and I know that I want to DO something I love.
I’m looking forward to finding out what I am excellent at, and cutting out the things I’m not.
But what is a grown up anyway?

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