AJ Livingston

Brooklyn, NY
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Where did you grow up?
San Diego, California.

Where do you live?
Brooklyn, New York.

Tell us bit about KMFG…
Knickerbocker is really a number of things. We started out as a private label manufacturer, which is something we still offer as a service here but now we also have our own in house line and work with a number of clients on art direction, development, etc. for their own line’s as well.

Who is your style icon?
Hmm, that’s tough but I’m going to go with Johnny Cash.

What’s your personal soundtrack?
My personal soundtrack is a mix of Motown, Punk Rock and a bit of Folk. It’s quite the eclectic mix, usually I listen by the album in one genre then hop to the next

What does style mean to you?
Expression. In my opinion, one’s style is the greatest form of publicly displayed self expression.

If you could meet any person in the world, who would that be?
Martin Scorcese.

Favorite color?

Favorite food/restaurant?
Montana’s Trail House. $10 burger & beer combo every Monday with the shop crew.

What would you like to do when you grow up?
Same thing I’m doing now. I work with people I love and admire, get to partake in a number of creative projects and am always excited to get up in the morning. Long nights and early mornings take a toll, so as long as I’m looking forward to the day ahead come morning I think I’m doing alright. I have a number of other hobbies I’d like to pursue a bit more, in the meantime I definitely gotta let the dust settle a bit more before getting into all that.




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